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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""This module implements the paper titled `MDL for Causal Inference on
Discrete Data`. For more detail, please refer to the manuscript at
from formatter import stratify
from sc import sc
def cisc(X, Y, plain=False):
"""Computes the total stochastic complexity from X to Y and vice versa.
X (sequence): sequence of discrete outcomes
Y (sequence): sequence of discrete outcomes
plain (bool): whether to compute the plain conditional stochastic
complexity or not. If not provided, we compute the weighted one.
(float, float): the total multinomial stochastic complexity of X and Y
in the direction from X to Y, and vice versa.
assert len(X) == len(Y)
n = len(X)
scX = sc(X)
scY = sc(Y)
YgX = stratify(X, Y)
XgY = stratify(Y, X)
domX = YgX.keys()
domY = XgY.keys()
ndomX = len(domX)
ndomY = len(domY)
if plain:
scYgX = sum(sc(Yp, ndomY) for Yp in YgX.values())
scXgY = sum(sc(Xp, ndomX) for Xp in XgY.values())
scYgX = sum(len(Yp) / n * sc(Yp, ndomY) for Yp in YgX.values())
scXgY = sum(len(Xp) / n * sc(Xp, ndomX) for Xp in XgY.values())
ciscXtoY = scX + scYgX
ciscYtoX = scY + scXgY
return (ciscXtoY, ciscYtoX)
if __name__ == "__main__":
import random
n = 100
X = [random.randint(0, 10) for i in range(n)]
Y = [random.randint(0, 10) for i in range(n)]
print(cisc(X, Y))