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For running the tool you will need two additional Python modules. lxml
and PyPDF2. If you use pip for installing them, there's the
requirements.txt which you can run using the command

pip install -r requirements.txt

Additionally, you will need two extra tools:
- [graphicsmagick](
- [tralics](

clone eoaskripts
clone eoa_sample_project

Fonts installieren

xbxx läuft

präambel ändern


pip install lxml pypdf2 fehlt, Samuel macht ein -m venv

Konfiguration anpassen: Pfade

wie findet man die Pfade raus? texlive? texbin über which xelatex,

tralics relativ oder absolut

braucht man die drei letzten Pfade überhaupt?

tralics und epubcheck separat installieren
Then, edit config/eoaconvert.cfg and adjust the paths accordingly.
texbin is the directory that contains executables like xelatex. You
can use the which command (e.g. which xelatex) to find the correct
@@ -1,2 +1,3 @@

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