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+For running the tool you will need two additional Python modules. lxml
+and PyPDF2. If you use pip for installing them, there's the
+requirements.txt which you can run using the command
+ pip install -r requirements.txt
+Additionally, you will need two extra tools:
+ - [graphicsmagick](
+ - [tralics](
-clone eoaskripts
-clone eoa_sample_project
-Fonts installieren
-xbxx läuft
-präambel ändern
-pip install lxml pypdf2 fehlt, Samuel macht ein -m venv
-Konfiguration anpassen: Pfade
-wie findet man die Pfade raus? texlive? texbin über which xelatex,
-tralics relativ oder absolut
-braucht man die drei letzten Pfade überhaupt?
-tralics und epubcheck separat installieren
+Then, edit config/eoaconvert.cfg and adjust the paths accordingly.
+texbin is the directory that contains executables like xelatex. You
+can use the which command (e.g. which xelatex) to find the correct
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