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Important note

The scripts in this repository have all been merged into the eoa-publication-model repository. This one is no longer maintained and will be removed by end of September 2018.

EOA goes TEI

This repository contains the EOA sample file as a TEI-conform XML document. Also included is a RELAX-NG Compact schema to validate XML files against. The file eoa_tei.xml is a configuration file for Roma, the TEI schema generator.

The TEI file itself is modeled after the original EOA document model, which was designed in LaTeX and can be found on

A further component is a stylesheet for ConTeXt, which processes the XML file to a PDF. This is currently incomplete.

Validity checking

The schema exampleTEI.rnc is a subset of That is, it will validate against both, but the EOA schema is more restrictive.

It is not a subset of or, though.