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A small DjangoCMS site

This is a tiny web application in form of a Django CMS which hosts the Edition Open Access umbrella page. It only consists of a few web pages in the CMS.

It is connected to the MPIWG LDAP, so login (add "?edit" to the URL) should be easy. As of now, the administrator has to grant rights for editing pages, though.

System requirements



It is recommended to run the site in a virtual environment

python3 -m venv eoa_umbrella
cd eoa_umbrella/
source bin/activate
git clone https://github.molgen.mpg.de/EditionOpenAccess/eoa-umbrellapage.git
cd eoa-umbrellapage/
pip install -r requirements.txt
cd umbrella-cms/
# create a new user
python manage.py createsuperuser
python manage.py runserver localhost:8002

Open the page in your browser