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# Code Club: Gentle Introduction to Snakemake
## Exercises
### Exercise ex1:
Write a Snakemake rule __generate_data__ using Python language to generate two vectors of random numbers of size 100 and save each vector to a separate text file: _x.txt_ and _y.txt_.
**Hint 1.** Import numpy library
import numpy as np
**Hint 2.** Define the names of the output files before the rules
file_ids = ['x', 'y']
**Hint 3.** Use special Snakemake function to create a list of output filenames from a pattern (for example, in the rule all)
expand("data/{file}.txt", file = file_ids)
### Exercise ex2:
Write a snakemake rule **subset_data** using shell to create two subsets from the generated files, so that each new file will contain the value less or equal to **0.5**. Save each new generated vector to a separate text file: _x_subset.txt_ and _y_subset.txt_.
**Hint 1.** Use the ```awk``` shell command to subset the data and ```>``` to redirect the output:
awk ‘$1 <= 0.5’ {input} > {output}
### Exercise ex3:
Write a snakemake rule using the custom R script (scripts/plot.R) to plot two vectors generated in the **ex2**.
### Exercise ex4:
Combine all rules into one pipeline, delete all before generated files and run the whole pipeline again specifying the final output.