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# defines target $(gen-locales) that generates the locales given in $(LOCALES)
LOCALE_SRCS := $(shell echo "$(LOCALES)"|sed 's/\([^ .]*\)[^ ]*/\1/g')
CHARMAPS := $(shell echo "$(LOCALES)" | \
sed -e 's/[^ .]*[.]\([^ ]*\)/\1/g' -e s/SJIS/SHIFT_JIS/g)
gen-locales := $(addprefix $(common-objpfx)localedata/,$(CTYPE_FILES))
# Dependency for the locale files. We actually make it depend only on
# one of the files.
$(addprefix $(common-objpfx)localedata/,$(CTYPE_FILES)): %: \
../localedata/ \
$(common-objpfx)locale/localedef \
../localedata/Makefile \
$(addprefix ../localedata/charmaps/,$(CHARMAPS)) \
$(addprefix ../localedata/locales/,$(LOCALE_SRCS))
@$(SHELL) ../localedata/ $(common-objpfx) \
'$(built-program-cmd-before-env)' '$(run-program-env)' \
'$(built-program-cmd-after-env)' $@; \
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