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wilson 2.3.0

  • implemented:
    • heatmap_to_i2dash
    • geneView_to_i2dash
    • scatterplot_to_i2dash

wilson 2.2.1

  • fixed orTextual selection bug

wilson 2.2.0

  • export plotting functions

wilson 2.1.1

  • fixed multiple unique_id bug in tobias_parser

wilson 2.1.0

  • implemented tobias_parser

wilson 2.0.3

  • reactive transformation parameter

wilson 2.0.2

  • fixed CRAN check Note/ Error

wilson 2.0.1

  • tests added

wilson 2.0.0


  • clarion class:

    • easier data-format validation by providing several checks
    • simplified module usage (only forward clarion object) for top-level modules (e.g. filter & plot)
    • provide functions for frequent tasks (e.g. get_name, is_delimited, etc.)
  • geneView:

    • group columns by one or more factors
  • pca:

    • color & shape grouping by selected factor(s)
  • scatterPlot:

    • add name to hovertext if available (only interactive)


  • improved notifications (closable, more)
  • overall code quality improvements via usage of packages goodpractice and lintr
  • removed deprecated colorPicker

wilson 1.0.0

first public release