New preprint online: i2dash!

Creation of Flexible, Interactive and Web-based Dashboards for Visualization of Omics-pipeline Results.

In our latest preprint we present i2dash, an R package providing functionality to create customized, web-based dashboards for data presentation, exploration and sharing. Since scientific communication and data visualization are important aspects to illustrate complex concepts and results from data analyses, we developed i2dash to integrate easily into existing data analysis pipelines and to organize scientific findings thematically across different pages and layouts. It supports interactive and responsive (linked) visualizations across a set of predefined graphical layouts. i2dash addresses the needs of data analysts for a tool that is compatible and attachable to any R-based analysis pipeline, thereby fostering the separation of data visualization on one hand and data analysis tasks on the other hand. In addition, the generic design of i2dash enables data analysts to generate modular extensions for specific needs. As a proof of principle, we provide an extension of i2dash optimized for single-cell RNA-sequencing analysis, supporting the creation of dashboards for the visualization needs of single-cell sequencing experiments.

You can access the preprint at bioRxiv. More information about i2dash is available here. The i2dash R package is available at GitHub.