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Additional scripts

Scripts used to perform analyses reported in the LSTrAP manuscript (Proost et al., under preparation) are found in ./helper

Obtain and prepare data

Script to download runs from Sequence Read Archive, requires the Aspera connect client to be installed and a open ssh key is required (can be obtained from the Apera connect package)

python3 runs.list.txt ./output/directory /absolute/path/to/opensshkey

Script to convert sra files into fastq. Sratools is required.

python3 /sra/files/directory /fastq/output/directory

Running LSTrAP on transcriptome data

To use LSTrAP on a de novo assembled transcriptome, a little pre-processing is required. Instead of the genome, a fasta file containing coding sequences can be used (remove UTRs). Using the helper script, a gff file suited for LSTrAP can be generated.

Script to remove splice variants from a GFF3 file, the longest one is retained.

# print to STDOUT
python3 input.gff
# write to file
python input.gff -o output.gff
python input.gff --output output.gff 

Quality control, and

These scripts will extract the statistics used to assess the quality of samples.

python3 ./path/to/htseq/files > output.txt
python3 ./path/to/tophat/output > output.txt
python3 ./path/to/hisat2/output > output.txt

Plots and Graphs

Scripts to generate images similar to those presented in the publication. Example data, derived from the Sorghum bicolor case study, is included in the repository.

Script that plots the co-expression neighborhood for a specific gene. A PCC cutoff of 0.7 is included by default, but users can override this setting using the --cutoff parameter. Matplotlib and networkx are required for this script.

# To draw plot to screen using a PCC cutoff of >= 0.8
python3 <PCC_TABLE> <GENE_ID> --cutoff 0.8

# Save as png
python3 <PCC_TABLE> <GENE_ID> --cutoff 0.8 --png output.png

# Set png dpi (for publication)
python3 <PCC_TABLE> <GENE_ID> --cutoff 0.8 --png output.png --dpi 900

matrix example

Script to draw a sample distance heatmap (with hierarchical clustering) based on a normalized expression matrix.

# To draw plot to screen
python3 ./data/sbi.expression.matrix.tpm.txt 

# Hide labels (useful for large sets)
python3 ./data/sbi.expression.matrix.tpm.txt --hide_labels

# Save as png
python3 ./data/sbi.expression.matrix.tpm.txt --png output.png

# Set png dpi (for publication)
python3 ./data/sbi.expression.matrix.tpm.txt --png output.png --dpi 900

matrix example

Script to perform a PCA analysis on any expression matrix.

python3 ./data/sbi.expression.matrix.tpm.txt

This script and the required data are included to recreate results from the manuscript (Proost et al., under review)

Script to perform a PCA analysis on the Sorghum bicolor data (case study) and draw the node degree distribution. The required data is included here as well. Note that this script requires sklearn and seaborn.

python3 ./data/sbi.expression.matrix.tpm.txt ./data/sbi_annotation.txt ./data/sbi.power_law.R07.txt


In case samples for one (!) species were processed in two or more batches, this script can be used to merge the expression matrices.

Note that to obtain co-expression networks using the merged matrix LSTrAP needs to be run, using the merged expression matrix, skipping all steps before the construction of co-expression.

Only merge raw matrices with raw, tpm with tpm and rpkm with rpkm!

python3 matrix_one.txt matrix_two.txt matrix_merged.txt