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Project Mission

Project mission is to provide easy to use, powerful, embeddable web server.


Mongoose keeps the balance between functionality and simplicity by carefully selected list of features:

  • Liberal, commercial-friendly MIT license
  • Works on Windows, Mac, UNIX, iPhone, Android, and many other platforms
  • Scripting and database support (Lua Server Pages + Sqlite, see page.lp ), which provides ready to go, powerful web development platform in one single-click executable with no dependencies: forget LAMP!
  • Support for CGI, SSL, SSI, Digest (MD5) authorization, Websocket, WEbDAV
  • Resumed download, URL rewrite, file blacklist, IP-based ACL, Windows service
  • Download speed limit based on client subnet or URI pattern
  • Simple and clean embedding API, mongoose.h. The source is in single mongoose.c file to make things easy. Embedding examples: hello.c, post.c, upload.c, websocket.c
  • HTTP client capable of sending arbitrary HTTP/HTTPS requests
  • User Manual

Note that Windows and MacOS binaries have following 3rd party software compiled in: WolfSSL lightweight SSL library, SQLite embedded database, Lua embedded scripting engine.

Questions can be asked at mailing list.



I am Sergey Lyubka, a software engineer from Galway, Ireland. I started working on Mongoose in 2004, and since then continuously improve it, investing thousands of hours of work. My other project I'm contributing to the community for free is Super Light Regular Expression library.

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