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A study of immigrant assimilation using both Facebook advertising data and a traditional survey. For more information, please refer to the WebConf 2019 paper here:

Stewart, I., Flores, R., Riffe, T., Weber, I., & Zagheni, E. (2019). Rock, Rap, or Reggaeton?: Assessing Mexican Immigrants' Cultural Assimilation Using Facebook Data. WebConf 2019.


Running the code requires installing packages with conda. We need Python2.7 for PySocialWatcher until it gets upgraded to Python3+ (TBD).

conda create -n assimilation_py27 python=2.7 anaconda
conda install -r requirements.txt

Running code

Before running code, the environment should be activated:

conda activate assimilation_py27

All code should be run from the base directory, e.g.:


To deactivate the environment after running code:


Relevant papers