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pmenzel edited this page Jul 12, 2016 · 4 revisions

experimental 'be0' feature

  • versionless bee files have a '.be0' extension
  • inside the file there is a BEE_VERSION directive (inside a shell comment) which specifies the version

So instead of a file name fmpeg-2.8.5-1.bee we have might have a file name ffmpeg.be0 containing a line like this:

# BEE_VERSION ffmpeg-2.8.5-1 

The version is the same as the old filename (.bee can be removed).

Syntax: ^\s*#\s*BEE_VERSION\s+(\S+)\s*$

filename.be0 could be seen as a source for filename-version.bee. The beeversion command, if given a .be0 filename, will look inside the bee file. In fact, this is the only change required for this feature.

OBSOLETE: experimental 'versionless' feature

Instead of having the full package name as the name of the bee file (e.g. binutils-2.20.1-0.bee) we may start with a more generic bee filename with just a "-0" as version and revision ( binutils-0.bee ) . In that case the full version information must be set from within the beefile with the bee_version callback, stating the full package name with all version information (bee_version binutils-2.20.1-0).

This should be done at the beginning of the beefile, so that features like the variables, which depend on the package version, are available. E.g.

#!/usr/bin/env beesh

bee_version binutils-2.20.1-0