XDU - Display the output of du in an X window
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xdu (patched) - display the output of du -k in an X window

xdu is a program for displaying a graphical tree of disk space utilization as reported by the UNIX utility du. You can navigate up and down in the tree, sort things, and print out information. See the manual page for details.

This version has been patched for more functions.

  • key n : change size display ( bytes, MiB, GiB, TiB )
  • key p : print as postscript
  • option -f : set postscript file name

This is a works-for-me release.





No autoconf, hg, docker, what-ever. Never. Ever. This is ~1500 lines of pure C. Get a life!

See the XDu.ad file if e.g. you have problems with the selected font.


du -k /usr | xdu

This release was tested against MarIuX.

Revision History

Version 3.0p6 - Jul 10 2017

  • githubify
  • code cleanup for fixing bugs
  • works-for-me Makefile
  • -Wall -Werror -Wextra -pedantic
  • Peter Marquardt, marquardt_p@molgen.mpg.de

Version 3.0p5 - Feb 16 2012

Version 3.0p4 - Mar 16 2007

Version 3.0p3 - Apr 9 1997

  • new option -f and new key p
  • Marius Tolzmann, tolzmann@mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de

Version 3.0p2 - Oct 1 1998

  • added ability to print postscriptfiles Thr Oct 1 12:17 MET DST 1998 by
  • Marius Tolzmann, tolzmann@mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.de

Version 3.0 5 - Jun 1994

  • X11R6 contrib release
  • Popup help window
  • Now uses Athena widgets, but no menus or buttons yet

Version 2.1 22 - Jul 1993

  • Fixed a bug in the sorting code where traversal back up a sorted tree could land you in the wrong parent directory.

Version 2.0 21 - Jul 1993

  • Added sorting.
  • Command line options.
  • More resources.
  • Better redraw behavior.
  • Bug fixes (to handle trailing slashes and directories with no or zero size information).

Version 1.1 5 - Oct 1991

  • Added resource control
  • Display of size information
  • More accurate label positioning

Version 1.0 4 - Sep 1991

  • First public release



Marius Tolzmann m@rius.berlin Peter Marquardt marquardt_p@molgen.mpg.de


Bug reports and code fixes from:

Casey Leedom <casey@gauss.llnl.gov> Stephen Gildea <gildea@expo.lcs.mit.edu> Nelson Minar <nelson@reed.edu> Don Tiessen <dtiessen@silver.cs.umanitoba.ca> Gerry Tomlinson Gerry.Tomlinson@newcastle.ac.uk Mark Evans <mre1@itri.bton.ac.uk> Juha Takala <jta@piuha.sah.vtt.fi>

And the many others who told me what they thought about it.

Originally developed by:

Phil Dykstra, <phil@arl.mil> http://info.arl.mil/~phil/