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Adding GO term and InterPro domain definition

Descriptions for GO terms and InterPro domains should be added before adding functional annotation. This step should be completed first. In the top menu click on 'Add' and select 'Functional Data'.

Add functional data

The GO descriptions can be obtained from the Gene Ontology Consortium's official website in OBO format here. InterPro domains and descriptions (called the Entry list) are found on EBI InterPro's download pages here, decompress the .gz file prior to uploading.

Click the buttons on the page and select the corresponding files, next click 'Add functional data' to upload the files to your server and import them in the database. This process can take some time, do not close the browser window.

Note: The existing tables will be cleared before adding the new definitions. Do not update this information if GO/InterPro data is already added to species !