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CoNekT Linux Installation

Getting Started

Python >= 3.3 and pip3 are required

sudo apt-get install python3
sudo apt-get install pip3

Install virtualenv

sudo pip3 install virtualenv

Clone the repository into a directory CoNekT

git clone CoNekT

Set up the virtual environment

virtualenv --python=python3 CoNekT/

Activate the virtual environment

cd CoNekT/
source bin/activate

Install the requirements

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Copy the configuration template to


Change settings in Apart from configuring paths, also change the secret key and the admin password !

Build initial database

# Point flask to the right script

# Create the DB (with the initial admin account)
flask initdb

# Set up the migration
flask db init

# Optional, create additional admin accounts
flask add_admin <new_username> <new_password> 

You now have a fresh installation of CoNekT. How to fill it with your data is included in the section Building CoNekT