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Tutorial: The basics

Welcome to the CoNekT tutorial !

Home page and Species page


On the CoNekT you quickly can get updated about announcements (e.g. server downtime), recent changes and general updates from the lab's twitter feed.

To check out which species are currently included in CoNekT, a species page can be accessed through the menu button named Species on the top of the page. This will bring up a page with the species tree and a table with species included along with some general statistics.


Note the buttons to download all gene sequences and the complete co-expression networks. Click on a species name to bring up a brief description and other relevant information (e.g. useful links, ... )


On each page there is a search box available in the top right corner. This is a broad keyword search and will try to find genes, profiles, GO terms, InterPro domains and/or gene families based on their identifiers or descriptions.

search results

As seen in the results from searching for Auxin transport partial matches are also picked up and only the 50 hits in each category are retained. The advanced search allows for more specific searches and should be used to narrow down results further.

Gene identifiers link to details about the sequence, functional annotation but also expression profile which is covered in the next section.