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Fixing docs
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proost committed Apr 26, 2016
1 parent e34810a commit 0569ba3
Showing 1 changed file with 4 additions and 5 deletions.
9 changes: 4 additions & 5 deletions utils/
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def read_matrix(filename):
Reads a matrix and returns a dictionary with the data and list of conditions (tuple of dict and list)
:param filename: the matrix containing genes id , conditions and reads
:return: data, conditions
Expand All @@ -28,11 +29,11 @@ def read_matrix(filename):

def write_matrix(filename, conditions, data):
Writes a matrix to a text file
:param filename: the output file
:param conditions: exprerimental conditions
:param conditions: experimental conditions (will be the header)
:param data: gene id and reads
:return: matrix
with open(filename, "w") as f_norm:
# print(header)
Expand All @@ -49,8 +50,7 @@ def write_matrix(filename, conditions, data):

def normalize_matrix_counts(data, conditions):
calculates the scoring factor that is needed to claculate TPM
Calculates the scoring factor that is needed to claculate TPM
:param data: data form read_matrix
:param conditions: conditions form read_matrix
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -84,7 +84,6 @@ def normalize_matrix_counts(data, conditions):

def normalize_matrix_length(data, fasta_file):
Needed during calculating TPM and RPKM
calculates the read_counts divided by the gene length
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