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Expand Up @@ -4,6 +4,11 @@ LSTrAP, short for Large Scale Transcriptome Analysis Pipeline, greatly facilitat
RNA-Seq data. The various tools involved are seamlessly connected and CPU-intensive steps are submitted to a computer cluster

For more details see the LSTrAP paper below:

Sebastian Proost, Agnieszka Krawczyk and Marek Mutwil **(2017)** *LSTrAP: efficiently combining RNA sequencing data into co-expression networks* **BMC Bioinformatics** 18:444

## Version 1.3 Changelog

* Support for [PBS]( / [Torque]( scheduler (note proper [configuration](./docs/ is required)
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -71,7 +76,6 @@ Furthermore, steps can be skipped (to avoid re-running steps unnecessarily). Use
* [Quality statistics](docs/ How to check the quality of samples and remove problematic samples
* [Helper scripts](docs/ To acquire data from the [Sequence Read Archive](
and process results.

## Contact

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