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import sys
import numpy as np
from config import conf
import getopt
from sklearn.cross_validation import LabelKFold as LKF
from sklearn.cross_validation import StratifiedKFold as SKF
from sklearn.metrics import f1_score, accuracy_score
import pandas as pns
def load_data(ws, t):
_, y_file, id_file = conf.get_merged_feature_files(ws)
y_ws = np.genfromtxt(y_file, delimiter=',', skip_header=1).astype(int)[:,t]
ids_ws = np.genfromtxt(id_file, delimiter=',', skip_header=1).astype(int)[:,0]
return y_ws, ids_ws
def get_baseline_f1_score(t):
train a baseline classifier and return the F1 score it achieves
outer_cv = SKF(participant_scores, conf.n_outer_folds, shuffle=True)
preds = np.zeros((conf.n_participants), dtype=int)
truth = np.zeros((conf.n_participants), dtype=int)
for outer_i, (outer_train_participants, outer_test_participants) in enumerate(outer_cv):
inner_performance = np.zeros((conf.n_inner_folds, len(conf.all_window_sizes)))
for ws_i in xrange(0, len(conf.all_window_sizes)):
ws = conf.all_window_sizes[ws_i]
# load data for this window size
y_ws, ids_ws = load_data(ws, t)
# cut out the outer train samples
outer_train_samples = np.array([p in outer_train_participants for p in ids_ws])
outer_train_y = y_ws[outer_train_samples]
outer_train_y_ids = ids_ws[outer_train_samples]
# build inner cross validation such that all samples of one person are either in training or testing
inner_cv = LKF(outer_train_y_ids, n_folds=conf.n_inner_folds)
for inner_i, (inner_train_indices, inner_test_indices) in enumerate(inner_cv):
# create inner train and test samples. Note: both are taken from outer train samples!
inner_y_train = outer_train_y[inner_train_indices]
unique_inner_test_ids = np.unique(outer_train_y_ids[inner_test_indices])
# predict the most frequent class from the training set
hist,_ = np.histogram(inner_y_train, bins=[0.5,1.5,2.5,3.5])
guess = np.argmax(hist) + 1
innerpreds = np.full(len(unique_inner_test_ids), guess, dtype=int)
innertruth = participant_scores[unique_inner_test_ids]
inner_performance[inner_i, ws_i] = accuracy_score(np.array(innertruth), np.array(innerpreds))
# evaluate classifier on outer cv using the best window size from inner cv
chosen_ws_i = np.argmax(np.mean(inner_performance, axis=0))
chosen_ws = conf.all_window_sizes[chosen_ws_i]
y, ids = load_data(chosen_ws, t)
outer_train_samples = np.array([p in outer_train_participants for p in ids])
outer_test_samples = np.array([p in outer_test_participants for p in ids])
if outer_train_samples.size > 0 and outer_test_samples.size > 0:
y_train = y[outer_train_samples]
# guess the most frequent class
hist,_ = np.histogram(y_train, bins=[0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5])
guess = np.argmax(hist) + 1
for testp in outer_test_participants:
if testp in ids[outer_test_samples]:
preds[testp] = guess
truth[testp] = participant_scores[testp]
# participant does not occour in outer test set, e.g. because their time in the shop was too short
preds[testp] = -1
truth[testp] = -1
print 'not enough samples for participant', testp
#print 'preds collected'
for testp in outer_test_participants:
preds[testp] = np.array([])
truth[testp] = -1
f1 = f1_score(truth, preds, average='macro')
return f1
# If the program is run directly:
if __name__ == "__main__":
df = []
for trait in xrange(0, conf.n_traits):
participant_scores = np.loadtxt(conf.binned_personality_file, delimiter=',', skiprows=1, usecols=(trait+1,))
print conf.medium_traitlabels[trait]
for si in xrange(0,conf.max_n_iter):
f1 = get_baseline_f1_score(trait)
print '\t'+str(si)+':', f1
df.append([f1, conf.medium_traitlabels[trait], si])
df_pns = pns.DataFrame(data=df, columns=['F1', 'trait', 'iteration'])
df_pns.to_csv(conf.result_folder + '/most_frequ_class_baseline.csv')
print conf.result_folder + '/most_frequ_class_baseline.csv written.'