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A convolutional Neural Network to detect german road signs in images of different sizes. The networks layout is similar to the one described in The neural network features the following methods:

  • Usage of an advanced optimizer (ADAM algorithm for gradient descent)
  • Convolutions to speed up training


Conducting training of your own using the convolutional neural network from our repository requires different software:

  • Python
  • Ipython notebook (for preprocessing and postprocessing scripts)
  • Tensorflow (for training the cNN on graphics cards)
  • Matplotlib (for plotting)

Installation can be done easily with pip by

pip install tensorflow matplotlib ipython

and ipython/jupyter notebook can be installed using the following guide

Use the network

This repository includes several successfull training procedures which yield about 99% accuracy. If you are interested in using them, have a look at the postprocessing script.

Conduct training

If you want to conduct training yourself or change the existing code, you are welcome to do so. Preprocessing contains code to read the images from the official GTSRB website. It also converts all images to a proper training and test set in which all images have the same size, the same color layout (grayscale or YUV) and are rotated and scaled randomly to increase the training data size. Several different training and test sets can be easily generated this way.


A convolutional Neural Network to detect german road signs in images of different sizes.






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