The conversion workflow scripts for creating epub and Django XML input files
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This is a set of scripts which forms the central part of the conversion workflow in the Edition Open Access.

The first part uses tralics to convert the TeX source to XML. The original DocBook output is enriched by various EOA-specific elements.

This intermediate XML file is subsequently used by three additional programs which turn it into TEI-XML, EPUB and Django-XML, respectively. The Django-XML format is ingested into the database of the EOA site where it will show up as an online publication.

The EPUB files can be put together to form an ebook. The script data/misc/ performs the required steps.

The conversion to TEI is still work in progress.

The EOA workflow

Examplary workflow

To install the whole toolchain, clone at least this repository as well as the 'advanced' branch of EOA sample project. Follow the installation instructions in

In eoa_sample_project, run xelatex, biber (the version included in your TeX distribution) and xelatex two more times. This will give you the PDF version of the document.

Next, comment line 9 in EOASample.tex (the EOA preambel) and uncomment line 10 (the XML preambel) and run the older version of biber (biber v2.1).

biber_2.1 EOASample

Now, you are ready to run -f EOASample

If everything went well, you can also try and run

These scripts don't take any arguments and will produce output in the CONVERT directory.