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EOA publication model

This repository contains the document model for EOA publications. The model is maintained as a TEI ODD file which contains both the definition of the model as well as its documentation.

This repository also contains an example file that contains all the phenomena that can occur in an EOA publication.

Initialising the Repository

After cloning the repository, make shure to run this script first:

$ ./scripts/

This will

  • locally download dependencies
  • create autogenerated resources (e.g. ODD, schemata)

Cleaning up the Repository

In order to purge all local dependencies and resources, run

$ ./scripts/

Example Publication

For a short example of a valid EOA publication in TEI syntax, see

  • ./examles/tei/

This example file serves the following purposes:

  • give a first impression of the
  • exhaustively document all features available in EOA documents

There is also a version of the same publication in old EOATeX1 format here:

  • ./examples/eoatex/

The TEI version is the more recent format and is recommended for new EOA publications.

Checking Validity of a Publication

In order to proof that some XML document is a valid TEI publication consider the schemata in

  • ./schema/

Because EOA has some more complex restrictions, both, a schema (typically in RelaxNG syntax) and a schematron stylesheet needs to be applied, to be completely shure. There are two helper scripts that automatise this task:

$ `./scripts/`
$ `./scripts/`

For usage details append the --help option.

HTML Documentation

The documentation of the EOA format can be found in

  • ./doc/html/

Use your favourite webbrowser to read it.


A further component is a stylesheet for ConTeXt, which processes the XML file to a PDF. This is currently incomplete and not maintained.

Information for Developers

The final ODD is the result of a process that involves multiple steps and depends on the following input files in ./schema/resource/:

  • the TEI example publication
  • a schema in RelaxNG Compact syntax

After changing one of these resources, you'll have to update all files that depend on them:

Updating autogenerated Files

$ ./scripts/
$ ./scripts/


  • pandoc(optional) : only needed if you want ODD statistics as HTML.


  1. What is EOATeX?

    The TEI example file itself is modeled after the original EOA document model, which was designed in LaTeX, the set of macros eventually being called EOATeX.


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