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Addon for EOA specific editing

This addon is a customization of the original metopes addon for Edition Open Access.

in tei.xxe is a line which references a new user interface:

<include location="eoa/eoa.incl"/>

in the same file, the line

<rootElementAttribute localName="change" substring="true" value="metopes"/>

controls which user interface elements are shown. The rootElementAttribute is used to launch the addon when opening a file. Depends on the change attribute in the root of an XML file, e.g. metopes_edition. This is as of now unchanged.

Also, the file xxe/ui/toolbars_ue/t_ue_impr.incl includes another link to a user interface element.

Could we define the core of common commands and how we could manage link between those two addons ? So maybe an easy and clean way to proceed would be to define a separate eao addon (encoding, schema would be different) and include metopes commands (or toolbars) needed. In that way, it would be easier to deal with metopes updates too.


Mode-specific files

Most of the configuration is done in a directory, eoa, which contains the commands for EOA specific export actions. The directory contains relevant scripts and files and also the XSD schema.

User interface

An entry in xxe/ui/toolbarSwitch.incl changes the @change attribute and the EOA mode can be loaded.

The menus for the modes are in xxe/ui/toolbars_ue. There are two generic ones, t_ue_annotation.incl and t_ue_annotation.incl plus the publication-specific modes (Like OpenEdition, JATS-NLM, EPUB or EOA). In the generic modes t_ue_annotation.incl and t_ue_annotation.incl, the default publication mode can be set. The publication modes all have their own menus and commands that are defined in e.g. xxe/eoa/eoa.incl.


How to modify things

In the Preferences in General/Features, enable Enable the Developer Tools

For minor changes in the config close all documents in XMLmind and run Options -> Reload all Configurations.

For bigger changes, a restart of the program is recommended.

Complex commands

How to insert XML elements like <bibl><ref type="authoryear" target="#Cusanus_2010/1"/><citedRange from="6" to="7"/></bibl> Is there a way to get a dialogue box to enter the attribute values?

You can set attribute value using the putAttribute command ( See also addAttribute and editAttributes commands, depending if you want to propose or save preset attributes values.

About the @target, we are working on the linkType functionality that permits the user to choose the target in a list.

Here is the user documentation based on DocBook example :

Here is the configuration documentation :

Basically for TEI crossed references like <ref @target=#Cusanus_2010>, commands would look like :

  • Definition of references system :
<link match="*[@target]" href="@target" />
<anchor match="*[@xml:id]" name="@xml:id" />
  • Custom @target attribute editor :
<attributeEditor attribute="target" elementMatches="tei:ref">

Set parameters for XSL scripts

%p false false false 1 false ```

Description :

  • creates 2 folders : EOA and EOA/temp ;
  • transforms the file opened in xmlmind with the parameters : directory, frontmatter, contributors, strictfigures, verbosity, parts.
  • The directory parameter could help for the result-document XSL function as XMLMind requires the full path to write an output document (eg. <xsl:result-document href=“{concat($directory, ’EOA%Stexfiles/chapter’, format-number(position(), '00'), '.tex')}” …… >. + %S is used as folder separator for both Mac and Windows).
  • we could do afterwards the integration of parameters for the user in a pop-up windows.

Active schema

Link between file and schema are define in the "catalog" file (for metopes, located in /Users/<user>/Library/ApplicationSupport/XMLmind/XMLEditor7/addon/metopes_tei/documentation/tei_catalog.xml) More precise documentation here:

The schema is also set in the tei.xxe file:

   <location> ../xxe/xsd/EditionOpenAccess.xsd</location>

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts are defined by binding commands :

Keybindings can be added in the file xxe/typo/typo.incl.

CSS rules

EOA specific css rules can be edited in css/tei_ue_eoa.css.


Configuration for XMLmind






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