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This addon is developed at Université de Caen Normandie for the project Métopes.

This is an addon for the XMLmind XML Editor (XXE, It currently works with Version 7 of the software which you can download from

Install the program, launch it and close it again. Important: if the program asks you to update to a new version, do not update and untick the box at the bottom of the dialogue window: “Automatically check for updates”.

By running the program, the local directory has been created, and this is where this repository needs to be copied to.

On MacOS, this is $USERDIR/Library/Application\ Support/XMLmind/XMLEditor7/addon.

If you downloaded this repository as a zip file, unpack it and remove -master from the directory name. Then, copy it into the addon directory.

For full functionality, you will also need a second addon. Edition Open Access has customized that addon and can be downloaded from


An addon for XMLmind



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