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lssek: Probably should be __wur but lseek(fd,SEEK_SET,0) will succeed if
the descriptor is fine.
lseek64: same
setvbuf: if stream and buffer are fine and other parameters constant,
it cannot really fail.
fseek: see lseek
fseeko: likewise
fgetpos: similarly
fsetpos: likewise
atexit: it is guaranteed that a certain number of handlers can be
registered, so some calls might need not be checked
on_exit: same
random functions: one might want to discard a number of results. In any
case, no security problem
putenv: probably SHOULD be marked, but we'll wait a bit.
setenv: likewise
unsetenv: likewise
clearenv: likewise
mbstowcs: probably SHOULD be marked
wcstombs: likewise
ptsname_r: probably SHOULD be marked
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