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MXQ - mariux64 job scheduling system


Main git repository clone


Install using GNU make

make install

or to specify a prefix:

make PREFIX=... [DESTDIR=...] install

Install using bee

bee init $(bee download git:// --execute
bee update mxq

or to specify a prefix

bee init $(bee download git:// --prefix=... --execute
bee update mxq

Initial setup

Definitions of the tables for the MySQL database can be found in mysql/create_tables.sql and mysql/create_trigger.sql Be sure to create those once and check the same directory for alter_tables*.sql` files when upgrading.

mysql [options] [database] <mysql/create_tables.sql
mysql [options] [database] <mysql/create_trigger.sql

Development builds

The devel target in the Makefile will enable all devolopment features by defining MXQ_DEVELOPMENT when compiling C sources.

make clean
make devel PREFIX=/path/to/test
make install PREFIX=/path/to/test

Differences to production builds

Some new features and improvements are enabled in development builds. Those features may not be tested for every situation yet and may result in database corruption and/or failing jobs.

changed mxqd default options

In devolopment builds --no-log is default (enable logging with --log)

Development database access

Devolopment builds default to use [mxqdevel] groups from mysql config files for servers and clients (instead of the default [mxqclient] and [mxqd] groups)