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  1. Statistical learning repository

    Jupyter Notebook 3 1 Built by @MPIBR-wijngaardenj @MPIBR-anneserl
  2. MXQ - @mariux64 job scheduling system

    C 3 4 Built by @mariux @donald @wwwutz @arndt @pmenzel
  3. Brute-force 3-way Interaction calculation for genetic studies

    C++ 2 Built by @puetz @klee
  4. The conversion workflow scripts for creating epub and Django XML input files

    Python 2 Built by @kthoden @calcnerd256 @lmc
  5. Es ist mein projectarbeit für das 4.Semester

    1 Built by @bahlawan
  6. Python 1 Built by @Bunde
  7. Convert from LaTeX to EOATeX.

    TeX 1 Built by @kthoden
  8. Conformal Multi-Instance Kernels

    Matlab 1 Built by @snikumbh
  9. DEEP: specification of computational metadata and documentation of analysis pipelines (Process files)

    Python 1 Built by @pebert
  10. LaTeX poster about our institutes IT structure

    TeX 1 Built by @wwwutz
  11. Sequence-structure hidden Markov model

    Python 1 Built by @heller
  12. A small introduction into Julia.

    HTML 1 Built by @arndt
  13. NeuroBits is an assembly of MatLab GUI widgets providing the functionality of user guided segmentation for neuronal morphology.

    Matlab 1 Built by @MPIBR-tushevg
  14. A convolutional Neural Network to detect german road signs in images of different sizes.

    Jupyter Notebook 1 Built by @sasse
  15. probabilistic deconvolution

    C++ 1 Built by @chung
  16. 1 2 Built by @donald @wurzel
  17. project euler

    C 1 Built by @mariux
  18. CMB R Utility Functions package

    R 1 Built by @your-highness @matthuska
  19. bee - bau et einfach - build extremely easy-- mirror of

    Shell 1 3 Built by @mariux @donald @lena @wwwutz
  20. Adaptation of cat12 to process mouse brain images.

  21. Django application for display of EOA authors

  22. Django app for EOA series info

  23. Python
  24. Extension for CKEditor

  25. Django application for registering and displaying EOA projects

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