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  1. MXQ - @mariux64 job scheduling system

    C 3 4 Built by @mariux @donald @wwwutz @arndt @pmenzel
  2. Brute-force 3-way Interaction calculation for genetic studies

    C++ 2 Built by @puetz @klee
  3. Conformal Multi-Instance Kernels

    Matlab 1 Built by @snikumbh
  4. DEEP: specification of computational metadata and documentation of analysis pipelines (Process files)

    Python 1 Built by @pebert
  5. LaTeX poster about our institutes IT structure

    TeX 1 Built by @wwwutz
  6. Sequence-structure hidden Markov model

    Python 1 Built by @heller
  7. This repository contains the BlueWhale deep neural network that was used in the ENCODE-DREAM challenge 2016

    Python 1 Built by @wkopp @matthuska
  8. A small introduction into Julia.

    HTML 1 Built by @arndt
  9. A convolutional Neural Network to detect german road signs in images of different sizes.

    Jupyter Notebook 1 Built by @sasse
  10. probabilistic deconvolution

    C++ 1 Built by @chung
  11. Perl 1 2 Built by @donald @wurzel
  12. project euler

    C 1 Built by @mariux
  13. CMB R Utility Functions package

    R 1 Built by @your-highness @matthuska
  14. bee - bau et einfach - build extremely easy-- mirror of

    Shell 1 3 Built by @mariux @donald @lena @wwwutz
  15. Development versions of R libraries

    Built by @puetz
  16. Perl Built by @donald
  17. MXQ - @mariux64 job scheduling system

    C 4 Built by @mariux @donald @wwwutz @arndt @pmenzel
  18. Built by @ziwei-he
  19. MOC maps for different surveys

    Python Built by @mints
  20. C Built by @donald @pmenzel @thomas
  21. This repository contains the code for extracting features from the mPower dataset for Parkinson's disease DREAM challenge

    Python Built by @wkopp @gregorlichtner
  22. COllection of all BeCOME analysis scripts for

  23. PyMol installation instructions

    Built by @MPIBR-unzued
  24. Tools for managing Linux Software RAID devices

    Built by @thomas