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Advanced usage

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Utilizing WIlsON in an -omics service facility environment

WIlsON is primarily intended to empower screening platforms to offer access to pre-calculated HT screen results to the non-computational scientist.

WIlsON in a service facility

Thereby, a screening platform generates raw data that is analyzed by a platform-specific software pipeline, providing a platform-specific result format. An ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process extracts relevant data and generates a CLARION file, that is copied to a folder structure reflection groups/experiments/projects. A cronjob checks the folder structure and generates new containers for each newly established project. Containers are started in a cloud infrastructure running a docker daemon and webproxy server that is aware of all individual containers. In addition, the container script randomly generates URLs and ports that are send to the user and webproxy for container administration.

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