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Local usage:Docker

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Running WIlsON using Docker is a very easy and straight-forward way to obtain a private instance of WIlsON.

Having Docker installed, use

docker pull loosolab/wilson
docker run -d -p 3838:3838 loosolab/wilson

Using custom data with the Docker container

To mount cutsom data into the container, make use of Docker's -v parameter to mount a host directory into the container. Inside the container, WIlsON looks for external datasets in /srv/shiny-server/external_data. So if you want to place your data sets into local folder /home/test/wilson, you would add parameter "-v '/home/test/wilson':'/srv/shiny-server/external_data'" to the docker run call. It is also possible to change the files in /home/test/wilson while the container is running since it automatically detects changes.

docker run -d -v '/home/test/wilson':'/srv/shiny-server/external_data' loosolab/wilson
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