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Local usage

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Most likely, users will want to run WIlsON on a local computer or local IT infrastructure to visualize their own data sets.

Here, we provide information on how to run WIlsON locally, using either R-Studio, a custom R Shiny Server or Docker.

An introduction into the CLARION data format that is used by WIlsON is available as well.

Using custom data

The WIlsON application consists of

  • the app.R script, containing R code
  • a /data directory, containing input file(s)
  • the /introduction directory, containing the apps home page and
  • a /www directory, containing other files, like the WIlsON logo.

Custom data that resides in the /data or /external_data directory can be selected from the apps drop down menue in the feature selection pane.

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