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Local usage:R Studio

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Run WIlsON in RStudio

The WIlsON-App relies a lot on functionality from the WIlsON R package. Before using the app, make sure to install the package, e.g. with


Now either clone the WIlsON apps repository and use shiny::runApp():

# Switch with setwd into the main folder e.g. wilson-apps.
# Use runApp to run the desired app. E.g. for wilson-basic

Or use shiny::runUrl():

shiny::runUrl("", subdir = "/wilson-basic")

Note In case you are on a Windows-based system, Rtools is needed for downloading plots. Make sure to add Rtools to Systempath during installation.

Using custom data

Add you custom data files into the wilson-basic/data folder. After restarting the app, the new dataset can be selected from the apps drop down menue in the feature selection pane.

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